why do we wake up after we go to sleep?




In: Biology

Awake is the state we find ourselves in when not asleep. We get get most of our life accomplished while awake; eating, working, shopping, texting, sexting, and just good old fashioned ****ing. Otherwise we’d be in a coma, or worse, dead.

“Awake” is the standard mode for our brains. That’s the default setting.

Every so often, once a day to keep it simple, the brain needs to shut down for maintenance. Not just mental maintenance but physical maintenance.

Unlike a computer, we can do OS maintenance while doing hardware maintenance on our brains.

We go through REM sleep to clear out the mental filters and process the day’s lingering information. Meanwhile, our brain chemistry physically changes and we see the physical brain tissue flooded with a chemical mix that washes out the toxins that build up while the brain is active and conscious.

When this is done and we’re ready to go, we reboot and wake up.

If we woke up before we go to sleep, then Time will want to have some SERIOUS words with us for messing things up.