Why do you feel sick to your stomach when you get nervous?



Why do you feel sick to your stomach when you get nervous?

In: Biology

There’s neurons in your stomach that can communicate with your brain. What you feel can be felt in your stomach for this reason. Bacteria in your stomach can also release chemicals to make you hungry for different foods. It’s possible your cravings for certain foods might not be your own, but might actually be what the bacteria want.

It’s part of the Fight or Flight Response. Your body isn’t capable of distinguishing between “I have a test tomorrow that I didn’t study for” from “There is monkey chasing after me with a knife, omg where did it get a knife?”

The stress response releases hosts of hormones and other chemicals into your body, but part of the process involves redirecting bloodflow/energy from your digestive system to your muscles, heart, lungs, and brain. Since you might have a full stomach (or a full intestine) when this shutdown occurs your body is literally preparing to purge those organs. So it’s not just nausea, being nervous can also make you have to go to the bathroom for the same cause.

when your nervous, you become “afraid” or anxious. Your body naturally produces adrenaline (fight or flight). The adrenal glands are right above the kidneys which causes your stomach to ache a bit. It builds up if you don’t exercise or run it off (flight) or conquer your enemy/task (fight).