Why do you get cold when you feel adrenaline? What is the body doing?



I can’t be the only one right? Specifically, I notice it happen when I play fps video games. I’ll literally be shaking and shivering while trying to speak with teammates and shoot. I always have to wear a heavy jacket when I play. Also, its like ~75 degrees F where I live, so it isn’t cold here.

In: Biology

Your body is resorting to a very old protection scheme. We have evolved to prevent blood loss by restricting blood flow to the skin. We come from a long line of animals that had evolved ways of protecting themselves when injured. Those animals that did not have such protection died when injured, and took their genes with them.

When you get hyped up playing a game, your medulla oblongata ( part of your brain stem ) interprets your excitement as a response to danger, and prepares your body for battle. It restricts blood flow to the skin so when a leopard rips open your leg, you don’t bleed out. ( FWIW, it also tells the adrenal glands to release adrenaline. )

With less blood bringing heat to your skin, it feels cold.

Long story short: adrenaline raises your temperature. Your brain responds by making your body sweat to cool you off. Sweating is something your body does to make you feel cooler when you are actually hot. So, when adrenaline raises your temp, your body will sweat to cool you off. And shivers will happen if your body cools down to something lower than the current room temp.

Used to be like that almost a year ago when I started playing Rainbow six siege, it’s just the anticipation when engaging the opponent that keeps you alerted or scared all at the same time. I was shaky, easier to be shocked back then, but now I’m not that much sensitive anymore except when I’m trying too hard, which I don’t anymore since rainbow six is a hell of a sweaty fps.