why do your legs and feet hurt when you have been on them all day, but you don’t get the same pain from doing exercise?



Ok so this is gonna be very hard for me to explain.

Whenever I go to IKEA, i get “ikea legs”. Being on them all day, slow pacing all around the store absolutely kills me.

It’s a different pain than for example doing squats, where you feel muscles burn. Or walking/running a 5k and feeling sore muscles the day after.

This one is more like someone is squeezing a tight rope around your calves, legs, and don’t even freaking get me started on my feet and heels.

So why are these pains so different?

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I dont have the scientific knowledge to give you details, but I’d imagine duration has a lot to do with it. A 5k is 30 mins for the average person. Being at IKEA “all day” is far longer than that. Just standing requires lots of different muscles activating to maintain balance, but not in the same way running would. Going for a hike of the same duration would be closer, but still exerting more energy than just standing.