Why does a cough tend to linger long after a cold is gone?



Why does a cough tend to linger long after a cold is gone?

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Short answer: oversensitivity.

When you have a cold it will cause a lot of mucus to form in your sinusses etc, which then drips in small drops into your airways and thats why you cough.

After youve been coughing for a while, it can also get triggerd by dust or even cold air

Your lungs are made up for loads of tiny pockets called alveoli, if you cough a lot theres a potential for a little damage and reduced lung capacity. Combine that with airway and bronchial irritation and you get a hard time breathing and a lot of forced air. This causes you to try to clear your airways by coughing, and the cycle continues.

Now for most people this isn’t much more than a day or so. But for someone with asthma or someone like me with reactive airway “disease” it can last weeks. Go see a medical professional and there is a good chance you can get an albuterol inhaler to help you stop coughing. As someone who has dealt with that a lot trust me I can sympathize. Lmk if you have any more questions about my experience with crappy prolonged symptoms :))