– why does a kidney infection hurt the lungs and make it hard to breathe?


Have a kidney infection, and originally thought it was pneumonia due to the issues I was having taking a breath. Could only breathe shallowly. So why / how does this happen?

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Your kidney is located right below the muscle (diaphram) at the base of the rib cage that contracts and relaxes to make you breathe. Your rib cage acts almost like the body of a syringe. The diaphragm pulls down creating negative pressure drawing air in. When it relaxes the lungs deflate. Each time you breathe the motion impacts the abdominal cavity where your kidney is.

Have you seen a doctor before or after the breathing problem?

If the breathing problem occured after the consult, and you noticed a decrease in your urine output and frequency, then you better get a check up again.

You might be retaining water because the infection is making your kidney function inadequately.

Imagine the difference between blowing air into a baloon in your room vs. blowing air into the baloon while submerged in water. That’s how your lungs are quite possibly feeling right now.