Why does a sore throat come right before getting a cold and goes away as soon as other symptoms start?


whenever i get a cold it starts as a sore throat that starts as a small part of the throat then it gets progressively worse, eventually to a point i dont feel like drinking or eating anything. then the congestion in my nose starts and the sore throat doesn’t feel as bad anymore and then it progressively gets better and in the process i have to clear my throat a lot

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Colds are contracted through airborne transmission, so the infection begins in your throat. The first part of your throat to react is the pharynx (which swells and narrows), is located directly behind your mouth. Hence a sore throat, warning you that you are about to get sick.

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A sore throat is often one of the first symptoms of a cold or the flu, and it typically occurs as the virus is replicating in the throat and upper respiratory tract. As the body’s immune system responds to the infection, it produces inflammation and other symptoms, such as congestion and runny nose. The sore throat may resolve as these other symptoms develop, because the body’s immune response has started to clear the infection.