Why does acne (predominantly) occur on the face?



Same goes for large pores, blackheads, etc. Why can’t my face look like my thigh or some shit.

In: Biology

Because your face creates a lot of oil that can get trapped in your pores. You also sweat a lot from your forehead which contributes more to blocking your pores.

Because the largest concentration of sebacious glands (where the oil that covers our skin and hair comes from, called sebum) is on our face and upper body.

AFAIK human faces secrete more sebum (the oily kind of sweat) to protect the face from the elements (wind, sun, debris, etc). Our oils are meant to keep the skin elastic and smooth, as well as keep hair from becoming brittle. Unfortunately these oils can combine with dead skin/hair and other dirty things to clog pores completely. This can cause inflammation. This makes the body think it’s in danger, which sends the immune system to attack the clogged area. This leads to even more inflammation and pain.

How bad a person’s acne is depends on how much oil they produce, how much skin they shed, how much hair they grow, etc.. Another factor is how much and what kind of bacteria the person has on their skin. Everyone has bacteria that is permanently in their skin. Some of it is good, some of it is bad. Sometimes antibiotics (medicines to kill bacteria) are needed to keep the bad bacteria from inflaming pores and causing more acne.