Why does antideprssants can trigger suicidal toughts?

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There is a warning that says “may trigger suicidal toughts” in my antidepressant (Sertraline, SSRI) i’ve seen some articles about the topic too but didint read tbh. Is it true? I tought, an antideprresant needs to do the opposite lol

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I was told this by a friend who is a psychiatrist. Apparently it’s not that they trigger those thoughts, those thoughts already exist but as the antidepressant takes effect it gives the person more energy but doesn’t always have the same effect on the suicidal thought. Basically their brain was so drained they couldn’t think effectively and now that they are coming out of it, they have the mental capacity to think more but it hasn’t had the same effect on the fact they are having those thoughts. Therefore they it “triggers” those thoughts when in reality they already were there mentally but they didn’t have the ability to acknowledge them.

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