Why does (Arizona for example) iced tea with sugar taste so different from sweet tea?

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This is a question that I’ve always thought about but never really pursued. Say we’re talking about Arizona iced tea specifically. Why does the original flavor taste so different from Sweet Tea? They have almost the same sugar, so where does the huge taste difference come from? Same can be said about Arizona iced tea and getting iced tea at a restaurant, and sweetening it yourself. Where does the taste difference come from?

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I’m not sure which Arizona flavor you’re talking about, as they don’t have one designated “Iced Tea.”

Let’s look at their Lemon Iced Tea though, as that seems to be the most common flavor. This uses black tea, cane sugar, and lemon flavoring. It has 50 grams of sugar.

Their sweet tea is also a black tea, but uses high fructose corn syrup as the sweetener. It has 58 grams of sugar.

So, the big differences seem to come not only from the total amount of sugar, but also type of sugar being used. Think of it this way: A chicken breast and a steak can have the same amount of protein, but they have vastly different tastes. The same is true of two drinks with the same amount of total sugar, but with different types of sugar being added.

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