Why does being drunk save u from otherwise “Fatal” accidents?


title pretty much says it all, i heard stories (Dont know if true or not tbh) of people falling from great hights and people being ran over by trains ect. surviving, mainly (or really?) because they was drunk

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Your reaction times are way slower when you’re drunk so you don’t instinctively tense up before impact like a sober person would. Being loose on impact makes it harder to break things.

Free m what I have heard it usually makes it so your body stays limp and doesn’t tence up for impact making it made likely you will survive. not sure how true it is and it can be only once factor of many.

Part of what can hurt you in a fall is your instinct to tense up. This increases your body’s stiffness, which tends to concentrate loads around the impact point and break things. If you are relaxed and “floppy” you can spread the impact load out more and potentially lessen the overall damage. If you’re drunk you’re more likely to pass out or be sufficiently unaware and be more relaxed.

BUT…there’s a tight window where that’s going to help you…fall from high enough, and you’ll die regardless. Hit in the wrong orientation and you’re going to die regardless. And the risk of falling in the first place goes *way* up if you’re drunk (poor judgement, poor balance, poor coordination) so you’re certainly not safer by being drunk.

When you are really drunk it effects your judgment and reactions and coordination.

If you take a fall this can mean that you have no idea it’s happening until it’s over, or you have little conscious concept of how dangerous the fall can be. Together with remaining relaxed, rather than tensed up, throughout the fall and impact.

This can be a significant mitigation in the damage suffered in impact.