why does chronic excessive drinking change how you look?



why does chronic excessive drinking change how you look?

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Alcohol is hard on you. It’s a little bit poisonous. Your body has to work hard to filter the poison part out, and that makes harder to filter out all the other wastes and toxins from your body, so your body never quite works as well at keeping you healthy.
Alcohol does a lot of other things to your blood vessels and skin, and your body gets worn down.

Collagen is a protein in your body that helps hold things together. When we build a big house we use a scaffold to hold things up and collagen can act like that scaffold. But when you drink a lot of alcohol, your body produces a lot of free radicals which act like darts. As these darts get more common, they start to punch little holes in the collagen scaffolding until it gets weak which means your skin starts to visibly sag and not appear as tone.

More of a ELI8 but I hope it works.


what’s going on when people’s heads get really big and red from excessive drinking?

The classic “Gin Blossom” (big swollen nose) some drinkers get is from Rosacea – alcohol is a common trigger.