Why does closing one eye after the other not feel the same as blinking?


Why does closing one eye after the other not feel the same as blinking?

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Could be a psychological thing. When you blink, both eyes close, so for that instant you can’t see anything. However, when you close one eye at a time, you can see the whole time, just not as clearly.

Keep in mind, however, that I am pulling this out if my ass. But it makes sense to me.

After a very silly self test, I’ve decided that at least on myself, when I close one eye and then the other, my cheek seems to rise more on the side my eye closes on. When I blink both eyes, I dont feel those cheekbones rise the same.

It’s the consciousness of the movement. Even though blinking uses both eyes we do it so often subconsciously that the “action” being taken is essentially letting our eyes do what they do and requires no real concentration other than thinking about it. By comparison closing one eye then the other, regardless of how fast you may be able to do it, requires conscious thought and at least a small degree of concentration to close one lid then the other.

To close one eye at a time while leaving the other open requires the use of more facial muscles than just blinking.

I’ve noticed for most people, when they close one eye, they tend to raise their cheek to have the bottom eyelid move up, whereas when blinking, your eyelids fall down. So I think it just has to do with how much energy it takes to do each action!