Why does drinking alcohol make your head spin?



Esp when you go to sleep and that weird falling-spinning feeling is running through your head

In: Biology

So there’s a neat little guy in alcohol that causes us to go drunk: ethanol. When it gets to your stomach, some of that ethanol goes into your bloodstream and it travels to your brain to let it know it’s here to party. Your body then releases two neat little hormones called dopamine and serotonin. You can call them dopey and sero(a poor attempt at a pun name on sara). These guys make ya feel good. But too much of that good stuff starts to affect your nervous system and the communication between your nervous system to your brain. The communication part and the interference is what causes folks to go dizzy. Reason being is because your brain is having a party while working to process information. Think of it like dancing really hard while doing your job. Thats pretty much what’s happening when it comes to alcohol and dizziness.