Why does drying many pieces of clothes faster than just one piece?


Or is my dryer broken! Ha!

In: Physics

For the same reason the more you have in a freezer chest the more efficient at cooling a freezer is. Less air space to maintain.

With clothes in the dryer, once a certain temp is reached, each item gets hot and basically radiates the heat back out.

Friction in the dryer while it rotates is substantial, so filling the dryer up more makes it dry faster, to a point.

Í find this all very hard to believe. It goes against my experience. If I need a pair of pants quick the last thing I do is put thoae pants with a bunch of other stuff in the dryer. Surely the less the better, the same amount of heat is going in regardless of the number of items, so fewer items means more heat per ounce of liquid present, also fewer items means more of the surface area of the item I want dry will be exposed to items devoid of wetness.