Why does it feel like the Florida rescue efforts are taking forever?



I’ve been watching the footage on the news for the past three days, and the rescue workers seem to be taking their time.

Shouldn’t they be working as quickly as possible with the maximum amount of manpower available?

Three days in means anyone who was simply injured and trapped under the rubble is now likely gone. This is so frustrating to see this take so long to resolve.

– No one’s bothered to get cameras set up in surrounding buildings to show the LIVE rescue efforts.
– All the video that is available shows at most one group of workers at a time surveying the site. But in all three days, no one’s begun removing the debris.
– I expect to see hundreds of professionals gathered, moving the concrete pieces by hand if need be. And potential volunteers at the perimeter offering food and water so the efforts can continue round the clock. So far nothing is happening!

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In regards to the video feed, unless you have people in there. Why do you want to wallow in other people’s misery?

And as for the rescue, this isn’t a movie, it takes time to carefully get through such a massive amount of collapsed building without risking it all collapsing on any pocket that people might still be alive in.

They can’t move fast. If they move fast they risk moving rubble and possibly killing a survivor that’s trapped in a pocket. People have been found alive in rubble up to 3 weeks later.

There is also a fire under the rubble that they have to be careful of.

Setting up cameras for a live rescue is never done. It’s disrespectful to the families and there are more important things to do. Rescuers try to keep body recoveries private.

The site is very unstable. If you start removing debris then all the debris on top of it is going to collapse. Even the debris under it might shift due to the changing weight. This is not only dangerous for the people in the rescue crew who stands on top of this pile but also for those who are trapped underneath. What makes it even more complicated is that there is a fire under the rubble and even this is able to shift the rubble.

So the way rescue crews is working is by both survaying the rubble to find out which pieces they can move and which is important to the structure and also try to find where survivors are located. They will then remove the pieces that they can to dig shafts down into the rubble to the possible survivors. It may look slow but it is the only way to ensure to get as many survivors as possible out of the building without risking too many of the rescue workers.