Why does it seem like similar events happen back to back in the news?


For instance, I read today about yet another chemical train wreck, it seems like shooting stories come in waves as well. Another example are celebrity deaths. Is this an actual phenomenon, or is it just heightened awareness?

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Shootings happen all the time, theres just a more focussed lense whenever a particularly high profile one happens

This is also why when theres terrorism you can usually see quite a wave of it because for that brief time after a terrorist act… people just are quick to assume this other horrible thing is maybe terrorism too.

Thing is you could see this years back with ISIS too. Once the media was on a thing organisations such as ISIS would profit by immediately claiming it was them, practically ensuring their name was in the media for ages.

Which is also why during the height of BLM protests you’d see so much more coverage of violence against black people globally. It was just in the public lense more and got out of more local news more than usual.

Part of it is the Baader-Meinhof phenomena, the idea that once you notice something you seem to keep seeing it again, or get the impression that it’s a very common thing when it actually isn’t.

The other part is just the way media works. The reality is that train accidents and mass shootings happen constantly, literally almost every day or multiple times per day. But the media might not report on them, so you don’t notice them, and then suddenly they do report on them and suddenly you’re thinking, hey, this is a new problem!

Train wrecks for example, we average over 3 train derailments every day in the US, they just didn’t make the news. For various reasons they are suddenly newsworthy and you’re thinking we suddenly have a problem. Truth is, we’ve had a problem for a long long time.

Toxic train wrecks happen with disturbing regularity, so often that we rarely take notice. When one toxic train wreck (the one in Palatine, Ohio) actually makes the national news, reporters duly note that others have happened as well, and may start paying attention to others that happen afterwards.

Sometimes this results in some kind of action at the national level. More likely does not, and eventually it will also stop being national news.

If I posted youtube videos of:

– me riding my bike,
– me singing a song
– me juggling,

and the juggling video blew up, what do you think I would post more videos of?

There’s SO much news out there, but also so many news outlets trying to get viewers (aka REVENUE from ADS) so if people are suddenly wild about Pokemon Go? Boom you’ll see tons of articles related to Pokemon Go.

The news is all just on big controlled narrative. So, when you see similar events, it’s because they want you to. They will constantly repeat themselves until they get the reaction out of people that they want. If they want people scared but they aren’t yet, they may copy and paste a couple more times until the majority of news watchers are nice and terrified. They will then do whatever the news tells them to do next. It’s one big brainwashing game.