why does low haemoglobin have such dangerous effects (stroke, heart attack etc.)


So I just had a huge health scare with a family member who unbeknownst to us had an hgb count of 6.6. They seemed to stress that this was very dangerous but can someone explain how it’s that bad

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Hemoglobin. Is what carries oxygen to the entire body. Without enough every single cell is being shorted. Some are more sensitive than others – brain, heart, eyes.

Low hemoglobin is very dangerous.

Hemoglobin carries oxygen to your body and when its low it makes the heart work harder. That can cause irregular heart beat which can further lead to things like heart failure.
ELI5: Not enough oxygen kills you.

On top of hemoglobin carrying oxygen, it can also be a sign of an underlying condition. For example I was severely anemic and it was Leukemia.

Hemoglobin carries oxygen to every cell in your body. Low hemoglobin means less oxygen is getting to your cells. Different cells can go do long without the optimal level of oxygen they need, and so, those parts of your body get damaged. The amount of damage done to different parts of the body determines the effect on your overall health. Since certain parts of your body have really important functions and a high demand of oxygen (your brain, your heart) this could have especially bad long term effects.

Haemoglobin is an important chemical in your red-blood-cells. It is the chemical they use to carry and deliver oxygen in your blood.

If you are low on haemoglobin, then I think you’d be low on oxygen, no matter how much you breathe.