Why does mobile signal fluctuate like this?


I’ll be sitting in the same place with 5/5 signal and 4G internet. Then suddenly no signal at all. Then 2/5 signal and no internet. Then 1/5 signal and E internet. All within 10 minutes while sitting in the exact same spot.

Why? Why does this happen? Thanks!

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The signal from the antenna isn’t just a steady stream. It comes in waves, your signal depends on what those waves hit on the way to your phone and back again. Even moving your phone slighty can cause the signal to need going through a brick wall which will weaken the signal. There’s alot of things that can cause it to weaken on the way

Phones also use algorithms to maintain signal but also to regulate battery usage. If signal is high in the area, they keep transmission boosting low. If the signal is low, it will consume more power.

You are constantly in between multiple cell sites. On average they are only a few miles apart.

1. If you happen to be in an area where the local site is too busy, you might get kicked off that particular tower so that they can service more voice traffic.

2. The local tower may be experiencing problems

3. There may be interference near the local tower, making you connect to a more distant tower.