Why does more blades = better razor?



Why does more blades = better razor?

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It doesn’t, but it makes for good marketing. A broader area in contact with your skin makes it easier to keep the razor at the right angle.

Each blade equals a dollar shaved from your pocket, that’s why 😉 In theory, with a lot of care and a good blade, the single blade can offer the best shave. In reality, more blades means that the first blade lifts the hair follicle when cutting it, allowing the second to cut it at an ever-so-slightly lower level and so on. There are downsides to using multiple blades though, such as an increased risk of irritation.

The less blades the razor has, the better is the razor at cutting, because it has a smaller contact surface (you can check beds of nails). This is good to shave the hair, but it is also better at cutting your skin.
A razor should have an optimal number of blades that I do not know how to calculate… But I am sure that, as some people already said, companies increase the number of blades as an excuse to increase the price of the razor.