why does mouthwash burn?


why does mouthwash burn?

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Because it has alcohol in it and alcohol is technically poisonous and it burns so that’s why it burns

The alcohol in mouthwash can cause a burning sensation if the concentration is high enough. Also many mouthwashes contain menthol which can also cause a burning. It has a minty taste.

If you are experiencing a lot of burning your mouthwash may have a high concentration of one of those two ingredients. Otherwise it’s possible your gum health isn’t great. Mouth ulcers and gingivitis will greatly increase your sensitivity to burning since you open soars that aren’t protected thoroughly.

It may depend on which mouthwash you’re talking about. I can tell you a bit about the classic, Listerine, and any others that are using a similar formula.

The most important ingredient is thymol (oil of thyme) which is a very potent antimicrobial chemical but also burns simply because it is also a strong irritant of mucus membranes and similarly sensitive tissues. Listerine also contains Menthol and Eucalyptol which also tend to irritate. The alcohol content of Listerine is primarily there to make these oils water soluble.