Why does old TV static make me feel like someone is watching me?


On old TVs and some TV channels, I get an effect from the sound that makes me feel like there is something behind me, or something with its eyes on me. Another good example of this is the [original Lavender Town theme](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sOadAaGiq4) which just gives me the creeps and has the same something-is-watching-me effect. Is this normal and is there a scientific explanation?

In: Technology

You ever see the movie poltergeist? Probably why.

It is probably a Pavlovian reaction to are having to these stimuli. You have most likely been exposed to games, movies, videos, etc from horror genres where things such as static and similar music styles were used alongside jump scares or psychological elements of the story. Basically you have seen these seemingly innocent things alongside other stimuli that you do find frightening, and this has caused you to associate one with the other subconsciously.

There are some electronics that emit infrasound (sound waves beyond human hearing) at a frequency that apparently causes people to have the sensation of being watched. Maybe a TV you’ve used in past did this. If you watched static etc. on that screen, you could have picked up the association from there.