Why does our urine change colour?



Why does our urine change colour?

In: Biology

If you mean the normal range of a dark gold color to almost clear yellow, then it’s relevant to how hydrated you are. The more water you drink regularly, the clearer your urine will be. However if there is no color to your urine at all, then you’re drinking too much water.

The more fluids you drink, the lighter yellow itll be but darker than one who drinks mostly water. Lightish yellow is perfectly normal.

And a deep golden or dark urine is a sign of someone who is dehydrated.

Any other color (brown, pink, etc) is a sign of a medical issue.

Urine is yellow because of the waste products of red blood cell break down. Everyone will have this.

Under a normal diet, the other contents of urine are largely colorless.

People have urine of different shades because when the body is dehydrated the kidneys reabsorb water from the urine so that the yellow color becomes more prominent. If you are well hydrated or take a diuretic that makes you pee a lot (caffeine and alcohol for example), the excess water in the urine will dillute the yellow color.

Urine can also be red if you have massive muscle breakdown or bleeding in the kidney/bladder. This is not normal tho