Why does powdered coffee creamer dissolve easily in fresh, hot coffee but not reheated, hot coffee?


I’m new to using powdered coffee creamer, but I’ve noticed that, with a spoon to stir, it mixes instantly with a fresh pot of coffee but 30 minutes or an hour when I go to pour the second cup, it clumps up and can’t be mixed. Same result when I keep the pot heated and/or when I reheat the mug in a microwave.

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Stir the coffee some before adding powder. The movement of the coffee is what makes it in a mood to embrace powder. And when you stir it, don’t make it a uniform swirl in one way. Must have currents running into each other. The currents in the coffee make an opportunity for the coffee to be able to hold powder.

I’ve only had a problem mixing it into cold coffee, anytime I heat it up the powder instantly dissolves. What temp are you reheating too?

Something that also makes a difference is whether you add the coffee to the cup with creamer already at the bottom (which is what I tend to do with fresh coffee) or add creamer on top of the coffee (what I tend to do with reheated coffee). The first is usually enough to mix it all on its own without needing a spoon.

The solubility of powders typically increase in hot liquids also dehydrated milk has some oils that are not easy to disperse and disolve in cold liquids that is why it clumps up as the outside gets wet but the inside still dry. It is possible to get it inot solution but it requires a lot of fast stirring.