Why does resetting a router improve speeds and fix issues?

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Even in 2024, with a top end Verizon FIOS 2GB Internet connection, after a while my upload speed becomes abysmal. Unplugging and plugging back in the router fixes everything in about 150 seconds.

What is happening here? This is something I’ve been doing since the 90s to “fix the Internet”, why is this still a thing in 2024?

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Not all software bugs will cause a catastrophic failure. The system as a whole keeps going, but maybe there’s a unneeded process stuck in the background. Or a bit of data is stuck in memory. If the device is on continuously (like a router would be), then these minor bugs can pile up and take up resources, slowing down everything else. A reboot kills everything and let’s it start from a blank slate again.

That being said, I haven’t had problems with routers in a long time. Maybe check if you can update the firmware.