why does shaking help us to relieve pain?


Okay for example, when you burn your finger your immediate reaction is to shake it and somehow it relieves the pain, or if you’re desperate for the toilet you start shaking your leg it makes the pain more bearable. Why is this??

In: Biology

Shaking or moving your body part helps increase blood circulation, which in turn brings in pain relieving enzymes to the wound.

That’s why they suggest exercising your arm after getting the vaccine, to help spread the vaccine around and keep your arm from getting too sore.

Shaking activates the nervous system and signals the brain to calm, relax and let go. Shaking is the natural way to release tension and return the body to its normal state.

Shaking likely causes a pressure sensation due your skin and muscle being pushed in different directions slightly as you shake. The think about pressure sensations is that for whatever reason the brain always has those take priority over pain. This is why if you get a cut or something and you press on it really hard the pain can feel as though it faded. Your brain is deciding to focus on the pressure sensation instead.