why does skin turn uneven and discoloured on obese peoples skin?


It usually looks slightly mottled and uneven. Is it to do with blood flow? The skin stretching and thinning? Why does the tone look so different from its lower BMI counterpart? My 600lb life shows the extreme of this well

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It’s similar to all types of skin marks and scars.

When the skin stretches out or shrinks relatively quickly, your body does its best to repair the skin efficiently and keep you protected. It can’t always repair the skin perfectly/evenly, so you end up with the marks you’re describing.

How tight/even your skin is — your “skin elasticity” is determined by the elastic fibers and other contents in your skin. You may have heard of collagen, for example — all skin has some level of collagen, and it makes your skin more elastic/taut.

The severity of stretch marks and puckering depends on many factors. The speed of the skin change is one, for example — someone who gains or loses weight over a long period of time may not have many indications of that in their skin.

A lot of it is also genetic and/or comes down to your internal chemistry. Think about how some pregnant people get a lot of stretch marks, and others don’t get any. This can be impacted by your age, hormone levels, medication history, etc.