Why does soda taste bad after 1 day, even when closed tightly and refrigerated?


Even if it still makes the fizzy sound when you open it, even if there’s still visible bubbles, it always tastes flat after a day.


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I think when you open the bottle you expose oxygen to the soda and then cap the bottle again leaving an air pocket. Causing some of the carbonation to escape the liquid into the air until there’s no more room to. It’s kind of like leaving a glass of soda on the table and eventually it goes flat, just on a smaller, intermittent scale.

I’m sure there’s a better, more scientific way, to explain it but that’s the just of it.

The bubbles are always trying to escape. The only reason that a brand new bottle is fizzy when you get it. Is that the bubbles have filled that small gap at the top to a point where the pressure up there is strong enough to keep the bubbles in the soda.

When you crack it open and hear the fizzy sound, you have reduced the pressure and the soda immediately starts letting bubbles escape again.

If you drink lets say, half of the bottle, and then close it and put it in the fridge. The drink will still keep escaping bubbles until the gap is pressurized. But now the tiny gap is the size of half the bottle. So lots of the bubbles will escape before it equalizes again.

When you open the bottle again, you are depressurizing the half of a bottle, so you will hear the fizzy sound, but that does not mean that there is very many bubbles left in the soda.

Essentially, the less soda you have in the bottle, the more bubbles you remove every time you open the bottle. If you get down below maybe half, you should not open the bottle again unless you intend to finish it. You should also try to reduce the number of times that you open the bottle to keep the bubbles in the soda as long as you can.

Carbon dioxide dissolved in water yields a little carbonic acid. Soda is formulated so that carbonic acid enhances the flavour. When the carbon dioxide condenses and leaves the water, the carbonic acid dissolves and the soda’s PH returns to neurtal, ruining its taste.

Adding onto some of the anwers here: sodas are also pressurised when still factory sealed. This means that even just opening the soda and closing it again will lead to a pretty big loss of carbonation over time since there is less pressure forcing the CO2 into the liquid.