; Why does sparkling water have sodium?


Where does the sodium come from?

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It’s added. Small amounts of different salts are added to bottled water to give them a fresher taste.

Many waters with a pH <6.5 are acidic, soft, and corrosive. Thus, sodium compounds like sodium bicarbonate are added during water treatment in order to raise the pH of the water by chemically neutralizing the acidity as well as to soften the water


Pure h2o tastes not very good. Assuming you’re not talking about natural sparkling spring water which has minerals dissolved into it as the water traveled underground through rocks and sand.

At a bottling plant all the water that comes in from either a municipal water aka tap water or a private well/spring. From there all the water is processed, filtered for larger sediment, maybe a water softener to remove minerals like calcium and magnesium. Then a carbon filter to remove things like chlorine and chloramine. Finally it’s often run through reverse osmosis.

The result of that is fairly pure water. But pure water doesn’t taste good. So depending on if that water will be used for soda, teas, juices, etc they’ll add different minerals like sodium or phosphorus bicarbonate, magnesium, etc

Different companies use different minerals to give it a particular flavor profile.