Why does stress often lead to weight gain?



Why does stress often lead to weight gain?

In: Biology

Some people cope with stress by eating/drinking more. This leads to a higher caloric intake and thus weight gain.

I self soothe by stuffing my face with food and booze. Then, because I’ve stuffed my gullet with shit I feel worse the next day and don’t work out or take proper care of myself. It’s a viscous cycle- for me anyway.

Stress releases the hormone cortisol which increases insulin levels which causes blood sugar to drop which increases appetite for sugary and fatty foods.

I think when an animal is under stress, the metabolism becomes extra efficient as calories are going to be more difficult to achieve.

I took a very stressful job and knew weight gain was a possibility. I watched what I ate, worked out more often and I still gained 5 pounds in the first six months.

Stress eating (higher quantities and/or higher calorie foods). Drinking alcohol. Not taking care of yourself (sleep, healthy food, exercise).