Why does submerging your feet in very cold water hurt so much?


like it’s intense, not just unpleasant.

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This is because feet are especially sensitive. They have more densely packed nerve receptors than most other places on the body. Cold water is already an unpleasant sensation for the most part, now combine that with arguably some of the most sensitive places on your body and it becomes downright painful.

It’s been over a decade since I studied neurology….

The feet are notorious for bad circulation, making them susceptible to the cold. .. as warm blood is less like to be swapped into the feet for the now “cold” blood

Look up the condition Raynaud’s syndrome

Personally, it doesn’t

According to some smarter than I podcasters, pain acts more like an emotion than just responding to sensory input. Being anxious/sad Can make you feel pain more, just like being angry/focused Can make you not feel it entirely

Because you feel pain when your body doesnt want you to do something, it stops us damaging our body and helps us avoid dangerous things.