Why does sugar make us happy?



Unlike any other food, comfort foods make us happy. Chocolate, cakes and snickers bars. But why is that a thing and why isnt there the same phenomenon with things like sour foods?

In: Biology

Two different things, really. Sour is the product of acidic. sweet is the product of sugar. Your body still reacts to the tartness of the sour, but it’s not appetizing to most. Also, most of the sugar that is addictive is super processed. Would you rather have a lemon or a cookie. (Bad example) but you like sweet things more than tart things. And it’s super addictive. Sorry. I didn’t really answer the question. Sugar triggers a chemical reaction in your brain, whereas sour doesn’t. I dont know if that helped it was more of a rant haha

Sugar is a source of energy. Our brain developed in a time when starving was much more likely than getting too fat or dying of diabetes.

So our brain rewards us for doing the thing that helps us survive.

It’s actually for an evolution a reason. The molecule that commonly makes things sweet is sucrose. Sucrose is a very calorie dense molecule. Eating a small amount of something with sucrose in it gives us the same amount of energy as eating a larger volume of something without it. So in a food unstable environment of our ancestors, where you never knew when or where your next meal would come, sucrose ensured that you got as much energy as possible. Thus human ancestors who ate and enjoyed sweet things had a better chance of survival.