Why does surgery not cause someone to bleed out?



Why does surgery not cause someone to bleed out?

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im not a doctor, but most of your blood is in the veins and arteries. and so doctors avoid snipping those and they suction up extra fluids around where they cut you open, to make sure its as dry as possible. and a little surface blood like the kind that causes bruising isnt enough to cause you to bleed out, or cause too much damage its just a little extra that the body can make more of easily.

1) Surgeons actively try not to cut into large vessels that would lead to bleeding out, unless they are trying to do surgery on one of these vessels or the heart – these surgeries will need a machine for blood to bypass the area (cardiopulmonary bypass).
2) most people have inherent coagulation properties in their blood so a little bleeding will stop by itself unless people have mutations that prevent their blood from doing this appropriately or are taking medications that make their blood take longer to coagulate.
3) if your risk of bleeding out is too high due to an intrinsic defect of your blood or you are deemed too likely to bleed due to medications or other secondary causes then you just wouldn’t be a good surgical candidate.

To add to what others have said, doctors use a special scalpel that cauterizes
small blood vessels as they cut, stopping any bleeding instantly.

Sometimes for surgery on arms and legs they use tourniquets to keep people from bleeding out