Why does the first slice of cake satisfy me more than the subsequent ones?



After the third slice the marginal utility becomes <= 0 and I just hit the “refractory period”

In: Biology

i’ve learned this in microeconomics! this is because the law of diminishing marginal utility, meaning each unit of an item consumed gives you less utility than consumption of the previous unit. this law applies to pretty much everything. for example, you get a lot of joy after listening to your favorite song. but after you listen to it for the second time, you still enjoy it but not as much as the first time you listen to it. eventually you may listen to it so many times that it gives you disutility.

It’s also because when you eat the first slice your blood sugar is like “ah yes drugs” and then by the time you’ve eaten the next three slices it’s screaming “oh god stop you’re gonna kill me I’m gonna go into shock”

Who eats three slices of cake?

Lmao I’m so dumb I thought you were talking about the satisfaction from watching a cake get sliced. I’m thinking ooh yeah that first slice is satisfying but the subsequent slices do nothing for me.
Then I read the comments and realised you were talking about actually eating slices of cake haha