– Why does the foil perfectly cover the Easter egg, but then the same foil can’t cover the same egg that’s half eaten.


Every year, I think I will just have half and then I wrap it up and it’s not enough foil.

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There’s not going to be a scientific answer for yoi on this so I’ll take my best guess at what’s happening. Foil is easy to crumple, but fairly difficult to uncrumple. The process of taking the foil off inherently crumples it, and makes it more difficult to put back on without stretching/ breaking the foil.

I’d say it’s a combination of the following:

1. The surface area of the egg has increased by the thickness of the chocolate, which is a good 5-10mm depending on the quality of the egg.
2. When remove the foil it crumples somewhat, and the subsequent tiny folds reduce the surface area of the foil.

Both of these put together probably only makes a small difference, but manufacturers work with small margins and don’t give you a great deal of additional foil.

If you smooth out the foil as best you can and carefully re-wrap the egg, I expect you’d get it pretty close to normal!