Why does the lunar calender change each year? Why isnt it constant?


I am writing this after reading about the Muslim fasting month. The start of the month depends on the sighting of the moon. But this date is never the same. It always changes. It may be the 7th or 10th or even the 3rd of the next english month.

My question is Why? Why does this change? Why does the lunar calender change? Its not like the moon slows down or something. So what is it?

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Imagine if your week has 7 days, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs… And imagine I follow a 5 day week, let’s call them day 1-5

So let’s “start” the weeks on their first day so it’s 1 for me and Monday for you, the next day is my day 2 and your Tuesday…. The day 5 is your Friday. But wait after that day, it loops back to my day 1, but that’s your Saturday… My new week is 2 days “behind yours”. Now imagine this but for something with differing year lengths.

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