Why does the size of penis and breasts vary so much compared to other parts of the body?


Why does the size of penis and breasts vary so much compared to other parts of the body?

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Both have to deal with hormone exposure both while in the womb and during growth.

Things like the size of your spleen are just the size of your spleen

Ummm…have you seen different size clothing? Or shoes? People have different sizes in general.

Body part sizes do vary a lot. And that’s before even considering various diets and physical fitness, or lack thereof

Its about environmental influence on body development. Stunting, where you don’t have good enough nutrition as a child to grow to the full height your body was capable of, is similar. Hormone production is also very prone to environmental influence like stress and exposure to other chemicals. The impression that its just genitals, which develop with hormone changes in puberty, is due to us going to much greater efforts to protect early childhood development when a lot of the rest of body develops the most, and hormones just being more sensitive than other systems.

Does it really? Pretty much every part of the body varies pretty wildly.

Other body parts also vary by huge amounts as well. I’m not sure on any stats but shirts/shoes/pants at a store come in vastly different sizes as well.

People probably just pay more attention to dick size

Because they all vary, wildly.

The elephant in the room: height, Height varies extremely between people even more so than dick or bust sizes.

Take a look at body proportion, some people are just bigger bottomed or thicker thighs, this is because each body store fat slightly different than the other, not by much, but still noticeable. I mean, we all have different feet sizes ffs.

Even basic things like moustache and beards, some people just can’t grow beards due to lack of follicles.


The reason why Penis and Breast sizes seems to be so wildely different is because how much emphasis we place on it.

Maybe there is a range in other body measurements that is actually similar in it’s variations. Nose, Ear, height, length of limbs, body mass. Perhaps we just spend more time considering those areas that you refer to

Because of the lack of bones, which allows penises and breasts to not be as restricted as any other limb, especially with breasts, when fat accumulates. Your arms, legs, fingers… on the other hand, can get wider if your body accumulates more fat but won’t get longer. A head is just as big as the skull underneath, plus the layers of skin and fat.

I don’t believe breast and penis size vary as wildly different as literally every other part of the human body.

We all have different ear and nose size, for example. I know someone with hands the same length as mine that are twice as wide. I know people as tall as me with longer reach. I know people larger than me with smaller hands. We all have crazy weird proportions.

As someone who has sewn clothes for several different body types as well, I can tell you that arm length, leg length, torso length, etc are all different and unique for each person.

I’m not sure about breast size so I won’t speak on it, but as far as dick size goes, I’d be willing to bet that it’s a bell curve (goddammit, no pun intended), with most falling within a similar size range and only a few being markedly smaller or bigger than average. As stated elsewhere in this thread, it’s only societal pressure and perception about “norms” that make dick size seem so varied.

Penis size really has a much more even distribution. Something like 80 percent of guys are within 1 inch of each other, and basically 100 percent are within 2.

Why does no one ever ask about vagina size variation? It’s not all created equally.

I don’t think that’s necessarily true. People have longer legs, shorter legs. Longer arms, shorter arms. Longer torsos, shorter torsos. Bigger eyes, smaller eyes. Large noses, small noses. Large full butts, flat as a pancake butts. And everything in between. It’s not just penis and boobs….

All body parts vary in size. In reality, human proportions vary wildly from the artistic ideal.

People just obsess more over penis and breast size.

Everyone’s organs and body parts vary in shape and size. Society places a lot of emphasis on the sizes of those specific body parts.

The tailoring of clothes is another example of how much people vary in dimensions.

For dicks, its the opposite. They are *more* consistently sized between individuals than most other body parts and largely decoupled from body size. Practically speaking, that makes sense. If they were widely variable, a lot of times, they wouldn’t fit. Which sort of defeats the purpose.

Honestly, they really don’t. Think of how much foot and hand sizes vary from person to person, or leg length, arm length, hip and shoulder width, etc. Even stuff like the size and placement of various facial features vary wildly from one individual to the next.