Why does the temperature gauge on my shower have so little margin for error?



All my life. Every shower I have ever been in has the most sensitive temperature gauge. One tiny movement turns the water from freezing to boiling. Doesn’t this kind of defeat the point of having a whole swinging arm when I can move it a millimeter and feel like I’m burning myself?

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There is a thing called a pressure balancing unit that sits behind that valve that can help adjust for the difference in water pressure between hot and cold. My shower at home did exactly this, either freezing or boiling, until I changed this part. Cost about 20 bucks

Most people set their water heater too hot. Lower the temperature on your water heater and the change will be much more gradual.

Yes could not agree more, this is such a common problem that it is ordinary, but occurs in so most places and types of accomodation from the most humble to the palatial, from homes to hotels, I have travelled UK EU Asia bit of US, most OZ and 9 X out of 10, the shower‘s hard to get right and there’s something tricky with the temperature. My sisters for instance fluctuates hot and cold throughout the shower time. The instructions are turn hot tap all the way on, then tiny increments of cold, but temperature is totally inconsistent and both burns and freezes you within a minute then repeatedly does that. Yet I love a good shower. Such an incredible difference in rare cases shower is lovely and easy to set and have, that it makes those occasions memorable! And yes if staying in many places you get tips! It is ridiculous.

Your shower likely has an anti-scald valve that can be adjusted. When we moved into our new house I noticed the showers were different temperatures but neither were as hot as the kitchen sink. Ten minutes of googling, 5 minutes of tool scrounging and 20 minutes to find the hidden allen screws on the tap and bam, adjusted the temperature perfectly so I can just get in and open the valve completely without scalding myself. Yours is probably set too hot.

What country are you in? There’s different plumbing standards around the world that can make many answers to this not relevant to where you are.