Why does the top of Saturn look like a hexagon? Does the bottom look identical?



I recently saw [this](https://imgur.com/a/5Um3Su4) picture of Saturn and I wanted to know why does the top of it have a visible hexagon? Does the bottom of the planet look the same, and if so do they overlap if looking at the planet from a top view?

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It’s still a matter of scientific speculation, though most believe it is caused by a standing wave, with laboratory experiments being able to replicate the hexagon through differential rotation of fluids.

The south side does not look the same.

This is from Wikipedia.

The south pole does not have the same pattern and instead have a more normal circular polar vortex. However the south pole of Titan have a similar shape although not as prominent. We do not know how long the hexagonal vortex have existed or excatly why it forms. We have been able to recreate the hexagonal shape in labratory experiments and in simulations. It is due to quite complex turbulence which is too dificult to understand, let alone explain in a simple manner. But a key factor is that the gasses rotate at different speeds which is what forms the turbulence that takes the hexagonal shape.