Why does the ‘vibe’ change in a room when you turn the TV off?



Okay, it’s a hard feeling to explain in a title. And maybe it’s just me. Sorry for either/or.

Imagine you are sitting in your living room reading a book with your back to the TV. The TV is paused and you aren’t paying attention. But if you turn off the TV suddenly the room feels…*smaller?*

Is this an actual thing or is it just monkey brain?

In: Biology

The t.v. produces light, and light tends to make a room feel larger. You turn off the t.v. and the room gets darker, your eyes take in less, etc.

Well said sir/ma’am! Looking forward to reading responses to this one. I hadn’t ever really thought about it but your description is right on.

I’m assuming it’s because humans are pack animals.

Most TV shows have people talking, and this makes us feel (subconsciously) like we are around our kind. When you suddenly get rid of that, the brain is very understandably confused.

I know exactly what you’re talking about and I’m surprised nobody has really answered yet; I thought this was something everybody felt? Like you can “feel” when a TV is on in a room if you’re standing outside the door.

I’ve often believed I can ‘feel’ when the TV is on even if it’s dark and muted. Almost as if you can feel the electricity humming. Turn it off and the humming stops, changing the energy in the room. This isn’t a guess or an attempt at explaining, just sharing that I’ve always felt something similar to what you described. Looking forward to a real explanation!

Are you talking about the sound that’s almost not a sound? Like a frequency that’s just barely within our range of hearing?

I know exactly what you are talking about.

Though I get the opposite, a room feels larger.

My mother used to put it down to static electricity, though to be honest I think it’s just the absence of the very subtle hum of electricity that is almost imperceivable.