Why does water not help with chapped/dry lips?


Why does water not help with chapped/dry lips?

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What your lips need when they’re chapped is your skins’ oils. Adding water won’t help as it washes the small amount of natural oils you have on your lips when they’re chapped, away. You can use the grease from the side of your nose or from your scalp when you’re in a bind with no access to oil or some good chapstick :p (and stop licking them too!! Spit is worse!!)

Water is exposed to the air, so it will evaporate quickly. You need moisture plus an emollient that traps the water against your skin. Neither oil without moisture nor moisture without oil are effective, you need moisture against your skin and then an oil to seal it.

water does not moisturize because it evaporates quickly. the molecules of water start using energy from your body heat to escape into the air.

saliva is mostly water as well however it also has enzymes which irritate the lips. this is why when you lick chapped lips it becomes red and it stings.