Why does wind blow in gusts?



Why does wind blow in gusts?

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Ok so this is a complex question and it boils down to a lot of different factors are controlling the winds, from convection cells to jet streams, even the fucking moon plays a role in it. High and low pressure especially though, basically the high and low pressure winds are competing and clashing so they are pushed up and down, wind doesn’t stop blowing it just moves up

TLDR- wind go up

While others might give long and good answers, I’ll put a smaller thing to think about.

Wind gusts just like waves bob on the ocean. For a lot of complicated reasons that others may go into more detail about, you have lower points of wind, and higher points of wind. They’re just usually not as frequent or in such an even pattern as waves are. It also doesn’t help that wind will usually have a lot more to work through, like trees and buildings, where as waves are usually undisturbed for miles and miles and miles.

The Earth is (roughly) a sphere. As a sphere, you cannot make straight lines perfectly cover the whole thing. This is a part of [the Hairy Ball theorem.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hairy_ball_theorem)

Wind, which is moving (roughly) in a straight line, cannot keep moving that way for long. Yeah, there is differences of pressure and ground obstructions and yada yada, but it really boils down to (slightly advanced) geometry.

Cool thing is, ring-style space stations CAN have perfectly smooth flowing wind.