Why does your body temperature increase while you sleep?



Why does your body temperature increase while you sleep?

In: Biology

I’m pretty sure it’s the opposite, our body cools down slightly before and during sleep, and heats up to prepare us to wake up

It should cool down since your body is expending far less energy. You may feel warmer though because you haven’t been moving so you’ve warmed the area immediately around you overtime with your body heat. Blankets dont generate heat themselves, they only trap the heat produced by your body.

When we go to sleep, one of the things that happens is that our body gets cooler. And your body needs to get colder for you to sleep. Additionally, your body has evolved for millions of years with the fact that it get’s colder at night. And has adapted to this natural fluctuation in temperature.

So the reason that you get hot when you try to go to sleep is because your body is trying to cool you down. But something in your environment is interfering.

This could be your pajamas, duvet or the room temperature. I would recommend sleeping in a cool room, not wearing pajamas but rather with a duvet. This will allow you to adjust your body temperature while you are awake and while you’re asleep.