Why does your nose get stuffier the more you blow it?


Allergies are killing me right now and when my nose finally starts running, I’ll blow all the snot out, and my nose will clog completely again for another five minutes. Rinse, repeat. Why? What’s a good cure?

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Lots of the time, it’s not mucus that’s blocking your sinuses, it’s inflammation of the passage itself. So the more you irritate it by blowing, the more it stays inflamed.

I have no solutions other than sinus medicine and time.

Swelling and inflammation will cause it. Ibuprofen will assist with that as long as you’re no on any other NSAID drugs that could interact, or you have a sensitivity. 400mg is an average adult size dose for someone who doesn’t take it often, and always remember to read your packaging for dosages, not all bottles the same dodge in each pill. A regular dose of a daily antihistamine either in the morning if they don’t knock you out, or at night if they do like me, can help minimize the bigger trouble attacks like sneezes & watery/itchy eyes.