Why does your vision get blurry after an optometrist visit but not while under the influence of drugs?



To be a little clearer, when you get the eye drops from an optometrist it causes your pupils to dilate. When I did a google search the only answer that showed up is that your vision gets blurry because dilated pupils let more light in. Yet if you take LSD, MDMA, Cocaine etc. it also causes your pupils to dilate, yet people can still see clearly while on these drugs. They also don’t cause the light sensitivity that the eye drops do. What causes the difference?

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Under drugs, you still have the ability for your corneas to adjust to differing light and focus on different distances.

Those eyedrops, at a basic level, inhibit dilation and contraction which screws focus.

In simple terms, the drops mean you have 1 focus distance so unless it is in that range you blind.

Lol also do people REALLY see clearly under MDMA/LSD/cocaine influence? Or is it just that their brain is so wired they don’t realise their vision is fkd. Also correct me if I’m wrong but these drugs are normally taken for clubs where it’s dark and only flashes of light to interact with your retina… With the exception of LSD but you don’t know WHAT you’re seeing on LSD…

Dilation drops do in fact dilate your pupils by inhibiting the muscle contraction of the muscles of the iris AND also produce what is called cycloplegia which inhibits the ciliary muscle inside the eye which is responsible for what is called accommodation. The inhibition of accommodation, focusing ability of the lens, is what causes more of the blurred vision that the actual dilation of the pupil with eye drops. Drugs such as cocaine do not cause cycloplegia.