Why doesn’t the runners high damage the body in the same way repeatedly taking a drug would


If a runners high arises when the body produces endorphins while running, why doesn’t this damage the body / have negative effects in the same way taking a drug (say, some drug which also produces endorphins in the body) would?


If you were to compare the euphoria of meth vs a runners high, the meth wins by about 1000 times.

It’s not so much the drug that does the damage but the withdrawal and means to reintroduce the drug into the system.

Consider it like this..

a jogging high is like riding a small pony.. it’s pretty cool and when you fall off the pony you have a small drop to the ground..

Crystal meth high is like riding a flying dragon through the skies over a volcano during a lightning storm.. its fucking crazy and when you fall off you land in the volcano and feel like your dying lol