Why don’t scars fade away completely over time?


If our body is constantly creating new cells, then after a certain period of time, all the skin cells in any area will be new. And the cells are created after the “DNA instructions” they receive. The information that you have a scar in a certain part of your body isn’t stored in your DNA, so why are the scars still there even after all the original scarred cells were replaced by new cells?

In: Biology

Scar tissue is basically formed when a cell called fibroblasts which live under/in the skin (not the top layer) going into collagen production overload, which is that hard structural protein able to protect the area. They lay this down into the matrix of collagen that already exists, but just at a greatly increased rate. This lasts a long time and theres not really a process that reverses it, not a rapid one anyway. Overtime scars do fade though, I’m looking at one on my arm now which is ~4 years old and its basically the same colour as the rest of my skin but just a little more whiteish (from the extra collagen!)