Why elevators have mirrors in them?


Almost every elevator I’ve been in has a mirror inside. Exceptions are paternoster or technical elevators.

Does it reduce claustrophobia? Does it make the space look bigger? Does it entertain passengers?

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You gave the answer yourself. Yes, they are a not-so-subtle trick to make the space look bigger.

Yeah pretty much, you’ll feel less claustrophobic. Other than that, it’s usually just a box and the interior can be decorated however they choose to do so. There’s also a weight limit the lift can take too.

Oftentimes it’s for people in wheelchairs so the can back out easily since they aren’t owls and can’t turn their heads all the way around.

Also it’s good to have a chance for final check of clothes, hair, visage, etc before you enter the workplace, especially when you’re visiting someone else’s office for a meeting or something.