Why Humans can’t reproduce with other Animals?


Why Humans can’t reproduce with other Animals?

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Our DNA is too different for succesfull breeding to happen. We were able to reproduce with our hominid relatives, such as Neanderthals, but we are way too genetically different to animals around us.

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2 Scenarios: A human foetus in other Animal, and Other Animals foetus in human.

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Also, the two chromosomes / dna wont mesh so no gestation will occur.

We have in the past mated with other humanoid species such as the Neanderthals. genetics were close enough to start the process.

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For a hybrid to occur, you need two species with similar enough DNA. Humans don’t have any species close enough genetically so that the resulting DNA become a fetus.

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Usually animals can’t reproduce with animals of other species.

That is in fact one way to define what a species is.

There are some exceptions where animals of what are usually considered to be distinct species have offspring with each other.

Mules are famous example of a hybrid offspring of a horse and donkey. Other more exotic hybrids are ligers a cross between a lion and tiger or prizzliy a polar grizzly bear cross.

Usually those offspring are either sterile or less fertile than normal.

Sometimes they can breed freely and this over long enough time messes up the species boundary or creates a new species.

In any case it only works among closely related species.

You can have a hybrid offspring of two types of bear or two types of big cat, but not cross between a cat and a bear.

We all are made from DNA blueprints that we get half from our mother and half from our father.

There may be differences between the two copies we get but they are small and generally try to describe the same organism. If the difference are too big there is no way to build a viable organism from it.

Our closest living relatives are chimpanzees if we could have children with any non-human animals it would be chimps. There is no record of that ever having worked in the wild (and given human nature one has to assume that people have tried in the past).

There were some studies into making chimp human offspring on purpose under more controlled conditions, by soviet scientist among others, but that never worked out and generally ethics prevent anyone from trying in earnest today.

That is not to say that this wasn’t possible in the past. when we and chimps initially went in different directions species wise it wasn’t an immediate clean break and interbreeding kept going on for some time as we went our separate ways. we split into different species of humans and we have the genetic evidence that we for example interbreed with Neanderthals and devisonians before they went extinct.

In the future more might be possible in theory, but ethics (and their relatively long lifespan) means that humans are not exactly a good test subject fro crossbreeding.