Why in Hollywood movies and TV the amount of clothes people are wearing changes drastically from person to person?


Like one character can go basically naked and the other next to him is wearing a complete three-piece suit and a coat and both look pretty comfortable in their outfit.

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Because tv and film are supposed to represent real life to an extent and different people feel comfortable in different clothes

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In visual media (TV, movies, theatre, even comics & animation) a character’s costume is an important part of establishing their personality and helping the audience distinguish them from each other. In fiction, things generally have to stand out more and be more exaggerated than in real life.

If characters all dress more or less the same–like, say, they all wear one-colour t-shirts and jeans–it’s probably a deliberate choice (perhaps the director wants to imply conformity, or they feel the characters’ actual personalities are distinct enough that they don’t have to dress so uniquely to stand out).

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If it’s American, remember that much of it is filmed in California where the temperature is generally very pleasant with low humidity. This means you have a greater degree of comfortable clothing options than if it were a lower temp or higher humidity.

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I often see people wearing heavy coats walking down the streets next to people wearing shorts and short sleeve shirts. Your area maybe different.